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Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Buildings

Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Buildings

Maintenance checklists for commercial buildings are also known as preventative maintenance checklists precisely because they are meant to alleviate the risk of injury for employees and visitors.

What are the benefits of regular maintenance?

Facility management teams should be motivated to make sure they implement maintenance checks more regularly because of its numerous benefits.

  1. Regular maintenance helps to avoid potentially life-threatening circumstances from arising at a workplace facility.

  2. It also reduces everyday minor inconveniences that can hamper efficiency and workflow.

  3. It is a more cost-effective solution because it helps to take precautionary measures instead of spending on more extensive and financially burdensome renovations later.

  4. More importantly, you don’t want your insurance claims to fail because of maintenance failures.   

What does building maintenance entail?

Maintenance of a commercial building is subjective to its location and the respective weather conditions. However, there are some general tasks that fall under a standard checklist for all kinds of commercial buildings.

Here is a comprehensive list to keep in mind to make sure your commercial building is up to date and functioning efficiently.

Roof maintenance

The roof of the building needs regular maintenance as this is where most problems within the building begin. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Clean out the debris from the drains on the roof.

  • Check connections between the roof and walls for tears and wrinkles.

  • Metal roofs can experience corrosion and decay.

  • Unclog drains and gutters or they can seep into the water system.

  • After a storm or rainfall, check for any standing water.

Cleanliness and maintenance supplies

Cleanliness and maintenance supplies

Make sure you are adequately stocked with the following supplies.

  • Cleaning supplies: This includes toiletries, cleaning and janitorial equipment and supplies.

  • Emergency supplies: This includes fire extinguisher and other equipment for damage restoration in case of water and fire damage. Make sure there are ample smoke detectors in the building with functional batteries.

  • Tools: This includes power-drills, washers and vacuum cleaner.

Building Exterior

This is perhaps the most important aspect of building maintenance. Not only does it enhance curb appeal but it also helps reduce health risks within the building. Here are some services you need to maintain the exterior of your building.

  • Pipe insulation: This is especially important during and before winter season.

  • Fix broken windows: Broken windows or faulty lock systems on doors can be a security risk.

  • Fix fencing: Make sure it’s appropriate for the weather and will withstand any changes in environment.

  • Pressure wash your building: To make the building exterior look spic and span and brand new, there’s no better option than pressure washing. It will improve the outlook of the building and remove grime, dust, dirt and stubborn stains thoroughly.

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