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4 Most Overlooked Places in the Home You Need to Clean

4 Most Overlooked Places in the Home You Need to Clean

If you find something oddly satisfying about the idea of deep cleaning your house, then as a clean freak you’ll understand some things that other people will find it hard to relate to. From the excitement that comes with doing the laundry on laundry day to being able to send curtains and carpets to the cry cleaners as soon as it’s spring time!

You probably also love the idea of deep cleaning more than anything else, which means you like to go all out and don’t wait for a special occasion to unclog the drains and gutters, cleaning your refrigerator and pressure washing the driveway and patio. And you’re such a pro that it takes you half the time to do it!

Even the most enthusiastic cleaners amongst us can sometimes be unaware of these crucial places to clean around the house that you might be missing out on. Let’s find out some of the most commonly overlooked places around the house that you should be cleaning more regularly!



It might seem like you don’t need to clean the dishwasher for obvious reasons but that’s not true. There can be a lot of food residue, and soap bits stuck on the inside and mold can start growing as well.

You should also take out the filter regularly and clean it out so it can do a better job at collecting dirt particles. Every once in a while make sure you use a stronger cleaning agent through the machine cycle.

Air ducts

Air ducts and vents are supposed to regulate the temperature around the home but aside from collecting dust and dirt, they don’t do much with purifying the air you breathe. You need to clean these out regularly with a vacuum because a lot of bacteria and mold can grow in the vents and eventually become part of the air we breathe.


Any sort of window covering can be a great place for germs to hide and dust to collect over time. It’s good to wash any drapes or curtains around the home once every two to three months at least.

This helps keep them look fresh and saves money for revamping your interior because they end up looking brand new when washed. Make sure you steam press them or iron them to get the wrinkles out before hanging them.


Cleaning the exterior of your house is really important as well. It helps to add value to your home and is a great way to instantly spruce up the exterior. Cleaning the patio in your home can be very strenuous, but with our help you can have it spotless and dirt free faster and at reasonable rates! We prioritize your convenience and our services are available 24/7.

Bud’s Mobile Pressure Washing offers driveway pressure washing and property cleaning as well as commercial pressure washing services in Westmoreland county and neighboring cities. Contact us today at 724-610-2446!

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