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Mobile Fleet Cleaning in Westmoreland County

If you’ve ever tried washing your mobile fleets by hand, you’re probably aware of the amount of time, energy and money you waste in the process. Trucks, school buses and trailer trucks just can’t be washed by hand because they’re huge—either you won’t be able to clean all of them or you won’t be able to clean them properly. Plus, automated cleaning methods are unsustainable because they cost a lot and people don’t have enough space to spare for their setup. Pressure water cleaning is one of the most effective and efficient ways of cleaning out your fleet—it is affordable and reduces fleet downtime because the process is quick.

Bud’s Mobile Pressure Washing services offer mobile fleet cleaning services for your fleets in Westmoreland County. We use mobile pressure washing systems to drive right up to your vehicles and give them a good scrub in half the time and money it takes with other cleaning methods. In fact, we even bring our own water supply if you can’t spare any. We offer our fleet cleaning services in Westmoreland County and our neighboring cities: Latrobe, Mount Pleasant, and Greensburg.

We’re known throughout the area for our exceptional services and our affordable cleaning packages for clients who want their trucks cleaned on a routine basis. We realize that fleet management isn’t cheap, but you should know that any method besides pressure cleaning is only adding to the costs. Every moment your fleet spends in maintenance is money lost and the supplies aren’t cheap either. Pressure water cleaning uses less water, you don’t have to spend too much on labor, and you can get your fleet running faster. Add our emphasis on high service quality to the mix, and you have one of the best fleet cleaning solution to the market.

Call us today for more information on our services or to hire us to clean out your mobile fleets in Westmoreland County.

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